Customers find Network Services useful in accessing a variety of on- and off-campus resources (internet, Internet 2, wireless and VPN access). Network Services includes maintenance of the infrastructure required to offer connectivity to these resources.

Requirements & Considerations

The following items are excluded from Network Services:

  • Desktop Support
  • Facility R&R projects (this will be treated as a unique project request)
  • Network Design Consultation – Offered through Network Engineering or Enterprise Architecture
  • Special or additional networking equipment for event support
  • Unit request for out-of-cycle network upgrades (this will be treated as a unique project request)

Features & Options

Network Services includes installation, monitoring, repair and optimization of university networks to include vendor contracts, software patches, equipment lifecycle management and planned network upgrades.

Network Services is comprised of the following service features:

  • DNS and DHCP Services: Management of University IP space and DNS services.
  • Internet Connectivity: Access to networks outside of the university (internet and Internet 2).
  • Network Connectivity: Wired and wireless university networks.
  • Network Management and Monitoring: The Systems Operations Center (SOC) monitors university networks 24x7x365. Alerts are generated if equipment failures or degradation of service are present. The SOC will respond to these alerts as outlined below in the “Support Model” of this SLE. The SOC will also process network access requests to ensure provisioning and network security best practices are followed.
  • Security: Firewall Services.
  • VPN: Account and client software, vendor profile management, support.

Service Level Expectations (SLE)

The following table lists the service fulfillment target for each service request:

Service RequestFulfillment Target
Consulting ServicesSchedule will be defined as scope is understood.
IP Address DHCP and DNS Management5 business days + change management as-needed
Firewall Services5 business days + change management as-needed
Network Activation5 business days
Technology Requests for Special EventsSchedule will be defined as scope is understood.
VPN Services15 business days + change management as-needed
Washington University Research Network (WURN)Schedule will be defined as scope is understood.

The complete Service Level Expectation (SLE) document for Network Services can be read here: Network Services SLE (PDF).

Training & How-To

For information about connecting using WiFi, VPN and remote desktops, visit the Connect How To page.

Additional information on wireless networks