The WURN is positioned to enhance the university’s cyber infrastructure by creating a campus-wide high speed research network that increases access to, and enables the transport, analysis, and dissemination of, large-volumes of big data within and beyond the university.

How do I know if this is something for me?

  • You perform high speed transfers between campuses
  • You are you a big data producer or consumer
  • You ship hard drives to your collaborators
  • Your research would benefit from high-speed connectivity

Active WURN Peers

  • RIS (Research Infrastructure Services)
  • MGI (McDonnel Genome Institute)
  • Biology
  • WUCCI (Washington University Center for Cellular Imaging)
  • Earth & Planetary Sciences
  • McKelvey School of Engineering
  • CHPC (Center for High Performance Computing)
  • MIR (Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology)
  • Psychology (FIONA Project)
  • Developmental Biology

Features & Options


  • High speed – 40 Gbps network
  • Core connected service
  • Campus-wide connectivity
  • 10 Gbps to Internet 2
  • Protected from everyday traffic


  • You may house your equipment in the Research Data Center (east facility)
  • Extend the WURN network to your facility

Service Level Expectations (SLE)

Washington University Research Network aligns with the Network Services SLE (PDF).