The Data Center Hosting service offering provides secure, reliable and monitored data center facilities to house customer managed servers and storage environments in WashU IT data centers at the independent service level.


In order to support the diverse research infrastructure needs of the university, and to assure that we are providing a consistent, efficient and reliable data center service, the east facility of the Research Data Center has been designated as the co-location facility for the university. The co-location facility allows researchers to manage infrastructure in a secure data center. Whereas the west facility of the Research Data Center supports managed infrastructure by the Research Infrastructure Services (RIS) group. Researchers can find out more information on the managed infrastructure options supported by the RIS group at


Provide secure and cost effective options for the university community to house infrastructure.

Service Offerings

Complete Entire Rack

Multi-Tenant (purchase per rack unit) – Includes four escorted data center visits per year.

Requirements & Considerations

Customer provides, manages, and supports own infrastructure.

This service offering excludes:

  • Caged areas
  • OS Management
  • Server Cabinet PDU outlet management
  • Server hardware installation
  • Server hardware monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Server rails

Features & Options

  • 24×7 Monitored Physical Facility
  • 24×7 Recorded CCTV
  • Access Controlled Facility
  • Dual Power Feeds Each Rack
  • Fire Suppression
  • Environmentally Controlled Space
  • Generator
  • Network Connectivity (I1 and I2)
  • Rack Space in secure data center
  • Redundant Power Distribution Units
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply

Service Level Expectations (SLE)

The complete Data Center Hosting Service Level Expectation (SLE) document is included within the Infrastructure Hosting bundle of SLEs. To review all SLEs in the Infrastructure Hosting SLE bundle, select this link: Infrastructure Hosting Bundle of SLEs (PDF)

After Hours Engagement

Customer selectable option for contact and partnered engagement during Extended Support Hours. Engagement is initiated upon automated critical alerts involving customer purchased services.

After Hours EngagementContact Method
DefaultPhone Call & Email
Option 1Email
Option 2No Contact