Cloud Computing

The Cloud Computing Service provides access to and management of a range of cloud computing technologies, including but not limited to: virtual servers, data storage, serverless application hosting, container orchestration, and more. The service provides a range of options, including on-premise and vendor-hosted solutions, as well as WashU IT-managed and customer-managed solutions.


  • Constrain on-premise data-center growth to avoid significant future capital expenses.
  • Empower advanced research through rapidly scalable cloud computing/storage resources.
  • Improve teaching, research, and patient care by providing access to and support for cutting-edge technologies available on cloud platforms.
  • Maintain high uptime and availability for WashU computing and storage resources.

Requirements & Considerations

  • Customers must be a current employee of Washington University in St. Louis.
  • Customers must provide a funding source (FIS Charge number, PO Number, etc.) when requesting services.