The WashU IT work environment operating model has the following categories:

  • Onsite – Always on campus
  • Hybrid – Employee has a regular or varied schedule of some days on campus and some days working remotely
  • Remote – Employee rarely if ever works from campus

Each department implements this operating model to fit the needs of their team and customers as appropriate. Managers will provide specifics around how each department will operate.

When Going to the Office

Employees must follow the university’s health and safety measures.

Shared Workspaces

Shared work stations are available within 4480 Clayton, West Campus and North Campus. All departments have designated areas.

The WashU IT Admin and PPMO SMO teams are required to reserve workspaces prior to coming into the office. Navigate to Reserve-A-Space to reserve a cubical or office within your department’s designated area. Locations within Reserve-A-Space are labelled by department. If your team’s dedicated space has already been filled, hotel space is available.

All other departments are expected to choose a location within their designated areas when arriving at the office.

Conference rooms are booked through Outlook.


  • Be considerate when using shared spaces and clean up for the next person.
  • Break room amenities may be used.
  • Be conscious of your personal items in shared workspaces as most employees will not have keys to lock the desks. Take personal items with you when leaving for the day.
  • Phones have been removed from most shared spaces.
  • Use headsets for calls and meetings when around others.

Parking Options


  • Purchase a pre-pay parking card for Clayton/Taylor garage at a discounted rate. Visit the parking window at the garage to purchase the card. 
  • Pay for partial day parking using street meters or garage parking rates.

Danforth (Includes North and West Campuses)

  • Purchase an annual parking pass. 
  • Purchase an OPP (occasional parking pass), which provides up to 480 hours (1,560 for the 21-22 permit year) at a discounted rate.
  • Pay daily parking using the Passport Parking app.

Equipment and Furniture

Do not take equipment or furniture from the office home without first discussing with your manager and documenting within the Remote Work Agreement form.

Remote Work Policies

Remote Work Agreement

Any WashU IT team member in the Hybrid and Remote categories must complete the Remote Work Agreement form. Even if you have completed a previous version, you need to complete the latest, released May 9, 2022.

Expense Reimbursement

In regards to travel and non-travel expenses when working remotely, WashU IT limited what would be reimbursed and defers to manager approval rather than itemizing in agreements.

Guidelines for Business Expenses Associated with Remote Work (PDF)

ADA Accommodations

ADA accommodations for remote workers will be handled on a case by case basis by HR following the existing Accommodation Process. ADA accommodation items must be returned upon terminating from WashU, unless department wishes to allow employee to purchase the equipment provided under their accommodation.

Microsoft Teams Tip

As a way of letting co-workers know your location, set your Microsoft Teams status message to reflect where you are working for the day. To do this, select your profile icon on the top right and select “Set status message”.

Status Examples

  • Medical Campus
  • 4480
  • MCC
  • West Campus
  • North Campus
  • Danforth
  • Remote