Project Portfolio Management

PPM is managing programs, projects, and operations as a strategic portfolio in order to ensure alignment with university strategies and objectives.

Why is time collection via Planview important for PPM?

Data collected from the Planview timesheets and project plans is used by Washington University IT Management to improve service delivery by allocating resources to support strategic goals. PPM supports IT Strategic Governance through planning and measuring results—a key IT organizational capability.

Training & Resources

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Projects vs. Service Operations 

Project: Creating a unique product, service or feature (time-limited). Projects also satisfy at least one of the following criteria:

  • New application or vendor-hosted solution
  • High volume request – a higher level than typical business operations
    • Examples:
      • Replace white box workstations at the law school (100 plus units)
      • Windows 7 workstation replacements across campus
      • Significant storage upgrade for the internal cloud (25-50 devices)
  • Opening a new facility
  • High Risk – mission-critical change; high/broad impact
  • Work that requires high visibility by senior leadership for tracking progress, issues, risks, costs, etc.
  • Origin: IT Strategic Governance
  • New service or service offering related to an existing service

Once a project has been approved and funded, you may request that the project be entered into Planview for management and time entry. You will request approved and funded projects through the Requests tab within Planview.

Service Operations Activities: The day-to-day activities around management of an IT Service or System, as well as short-term enhancements to keep them relevant. 

  • Service Operations Activities will be managed in the Planview system. Within a Service Operations Activity in Planview, there will be broad, year-long tasks, such as Run/Fix tasks (e.g., service desk, monitoring, provisioning, etc.) and Enhance tasks. The naming of the tasks, as well as the task breakdown structure is at the discretion of the Resource Manager.
  • Resource Managers will serve as Project Managers in Planview for their area’s Service Operations. 
Project Roles in Planview 

Each individual in the Planview system is assigned a primary “role” referring to the primary skills set the individual uses to perform work. Note that an individual’s role for capacity planning is not the same as the HR job title. Summarizing the roles across the IT organization allows for forecasting capacity and demand across portfolios of work.

A/V Specialist 
App Developer I & II
App Developer III & Lead 
Application Admin
Architect Domain, Solutions 
Business Alignment (BAL)
Business Analyst
Change ManagerSpecialist for organization/people change needed for project success
Communications SpecialistMarketing communications
Customer Relationship Manager
Database Administrator
Datacenter Technician
Desktop Support
Info Security Specialist
IT AdministratorAdministration Support; Procurement: Records Management; Financial Operations; Facilities Administration; HR Admin or other institutional administrative functions
ITSM Analyst
ManagementIncludes managers, directors and above
Network Engineer
Network Technician
Performance Support AnalystDocumentation and technical instructional design
Project Coordinator
Project ManagerIncludes Program Management
Publications Editor
QA SpecialistIncludes testing specialists
Service Desk
SOC Administrator
SOC Analyst
Student Worker
SupervisorMust have direct reports, but no management title
System Admin /Engineer
Systems Analyst
Telecom Technician

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why can’t I log in to Planview?

  1. Check the URL.
    1. Go to You should see the WUSTL connect page to log in. (Note: do not go to to log in)…

Why do I have to enter my time in both Workday and Planview?

You enter time in Workday for the purposes of payroll, but this system is not set up to give IT leadership a clear picture of how IT labor hours are being used. For example…

What are the Planview Timesheet Guidelines?

  1. Enter time to the nearest half-hour.
  2. Enter the actual amount worked, even if it goes over your standard work week…


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