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Shared Infrastructure Accomplishments – August 2022

Submitted by David Sterling

SIEEWordPress migration to cloud preparations are underway including substantive discussions among MarComm & MedPA and PantheonThe project is now underway and will allow Marcomm & MedPA to move WordPress sites to cloud provider
SIEECompleted rollout of preferred last name automatic use as last name fieldUser improvement – Users can now enter their preferred last name.
SIEECyberark production environment is up and liveSecurity Enhancements – We’ve begun the process for securing administrative accounts within WashU IT.
SIEEMigrated Brauer Hall for SEAS to One Campus Standard Network Configuration
SIEEMigrated  Green Hall with SEAS to One CampusStandard Network Configuration
SINEUpdated the McKelvey Engineering Cascade server access to now work with any source through the One Campus firewallsStandard Network Configuration
SINECompleted automatic transfer switch installation for Seigle Hall Spectrum circuit.  This will enable power redundancyAdditional power redundancy for our one of our core internet providers
SINEProvisioned networks in GDCE and WCDC for the Privileged Access Management project. New networks, Firewall rulesets and designSupporting critical Info Sec project
SIPECompleted migration to new SQL Servers for the Student Information System; moved from legacy version on physical hardware to newer version on virtual machinesEnsure platform support for the remaining lifespan of the legacy Student Information System, and simplify maintenance using a virtual platform
SIPECompleted SQL database migration to newer platform for EfaxEnsure platform support for the application
SIPECompleted upgrade of Serv-U for CCFTP2Maintain security updates are in place to protect file transfer operations
SIPECompleted implementation of NetApp PSC convergence in production environmentEnable future updates to the WashU IT Private Cloud virtual hosting environment
SIPECompleted implementation of NetApp large LUN supportEnable provisioning of very large file sharing volumes