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March 20: Service Announcement, VPN Configuration Change

March 20 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

In anticipation of increased usage of the VPN system to support remote workers, WashU IT will be making a configuration change to adjust the capacity of Anyone connected during this change will be prompted to reconnect. Please avoid using the CFU Users VPN profile during the maintenance window as disruption to connectivity is expected. All other VPN profiles will not be affected. If you experience any issues connecting to resources and applications after this change, please send an email here for assistance

Please note, many tools do not require a VPN connection to access them, even while working remotely. For example, Canvas, Zoom, Teams, Box, Outlook, HRMS, and Office 365 apps. Before connecting to VPN, please consider if the applications you will be using require it, in an attempt to reserve capacity. A list of WashU systems that do and do not require VPN can be found here.

Visit for additional instructions on how to connect.