Who gets a copy of the completed envelope?

When the envelope is signed by all recipients, everyone gets a copy of the completed envelope.

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DocuSign FAQ

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Are Signatures submitted via DocuSign legally binding?

Yes, DocuSign Signatures are considered legally binding.

Can I pre-fill fields in a document prior to uploading it to use in my envelope?

Yes, You may pre-fill as many fields as needed prior to uploading it into your envelope. It’s recommended that you do not pre-fill the signature date.

Can I use DocuSign to send documents stored in Box?

Yes you can! However, you will need Sender level access in DocuSign. If you do not have Sender…

Can I use DocuSign to send with SharePoint Online?

Yes,  users with Contribute permission for the SharePoint Site where DocuSign is installed can sign or send documents for signature from a SharePoint Online library.




How do I download data from a PowerForm?

A PowerForm is a template that allows you to create self-service documents for signature.  A PowerForm is initiated…

Is DocuSign HIPAA compliant?

Yes, DocuSign is HIPAA compliant.

Is Training offered for DocuSign?

Yes, through DocuSign University. You can also request to be added to the Learn @ Work courses…