What is the difference between PowerForms and Templates?

ExplainedA PowerForm is a template that allows you to create self-service documents for signature.  A PowerForm is initiated from a unique, secure URL that you make available for signers to complete.Templates help streamline the sending process when you frequently send the same or similar documents, or send documents to the same group of people.
BenefitsPowerforms allow you to create a Docusign transaction without having to send the documents from your Docusign account.  You can link the PowerForm on your website, or distribute as a secured link through email.
Signers can access and sign your forms on demand, making PowerForms a way to capture signatures and data from people whom you do not know ahead of time.
You can use your saved templates to start a new envelope.  Everything defined in the saved template is applied and added to the new envelope.
You can use the template as is, or you can add additional files, modify signing fields, add recipients, and add and modify messages.
LimitationsTo create a PowerForm, you must have PowerForm administrator permissions.
A PowerForm is initiated from the PowerForm URL by the first recipient in the signing order; other recipients must initiate signing from an email notification.
The “Sign in Person” recipient action is not supported with PowerForms because the Signing Host must have an account and the signer may not have an existing Docusign account.
Document visibility is not supported.
Use CaseExample:  IT System Security Request
Your HR system requires each user to complete and sign a security request form indicating the type of access they are requesting as well as acknowledgements for system use (HIPPA, conduct, etc).  The form is then routed to multiple individuals for signature approvals before access is granted to the requesting individual.  A PowerForm can be created to collect pertinent information about the requesting individual (Name, Employee Number) and require the individual to acknowledge that they have read and agree to standards of use.  A link to the PowerForm can be placed on the appropriate IT website so that the requesting individual can initiate the security request at any time.  Docusign will route the request to each approver for signatures.
Example:  Employee Onboarding
As a department administrator, you may need to send an employee onboarding form to multiple recipients to request tasks such as a new laptop/monitor, orientation schedule, security badge, etc.  Creating a template with all pertinent information and recipients is an efficient solution to managing multiple onboarding tasks.

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DocuSign FAQ

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Are Signatures submitted via DocuSign legally binding?

Yes, DocuSign Signatures are considered legally binding.

Can I pre-fill fields in a document prior to uploading it to use in my envelope?

Yes, You may pre-fill as many fields as needed prior to uploading it into your envelope. It’s recommended that you do not pre-fill the signature date.

Can I use DocuSign to send documents stored in Box?

Yes you can! However, you will need Sender level access in DocuSign. If you do not have Sender…

Can I use DocuSign to send with SharePoint Online?

Yes,  users with Contribute permission for the SharePoint Site where DocuSign is installed can sign or send documents for signature from a SharePoint Online library.




How do I download data from a PowerForm?

A PowerForm is a template that allows you to create self-service documents for signature.  A PowerForm is initiated…

Is DocuSign HIPAA compliant?

Yes, DocuSign is HIPAA compliant.

Is Training offered for DocuSign?

Yes, through DocuSign University. You can also request to be added to the Learn @ Work courses…