How do I download data from a PowerForm?

A PowerForm is a template that allows you to create self-service documents for signature.  A PowerForm is initiated from a unique, secure URL that you make available for signers to complete.  These steps outline how to download data from completed PowerForms.

  1. Log into your Docusign account
  2. Go to the Manage tab
  3. On the left, click PowerForm
  4. Locate the PowerForm for which you would like to download the information
  5. Click the Download button to the right of the PowerForm
  6. The Download PowerForm Data date picker will open.  Select a Start Date and End Date
    Note:  The system can process about 1,000 responses at a time, so select a date range that will return a suitable number of responses.
  7. Click the Download button.
  8. A CSV file will be downloaded to your local machine.

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