CyberArk login troubleshooting

A video tutorial for Logging Into CyberArk is available.

Authentication Error – no spinning circle
  • Verify WUSTL Key and password.
  • Verify that the authentication method on CyberArk is WUSTL Key Duo MFA:
Authentical method location on CyberArk’s sign-In screen
  • Verify that your WUSTL Key has been granted access by CyberArk admins (i.e., you have received a confirmation email).
Login Failed
  • Verify that Duo is configured on your mobile device and accepting push notifications. For help with Duo 2FA, visit WashU 2FA FAQs.
  • Verify that the Duo push has been accepted and not expired.
  • Try reloading your browser.
Other Authentication Errors
  • Reload your web browser.
  • Clear your browser’s cache.
  • Try another web browser. Suggested browsers are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

If you are still unable to log in, submit a ServiceNow Incident with “CyberArk Authentication Issue” in the short description.

Return to the Privileged Access Management page.

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