WashU 2FA Frequently Asked Questions

WashU 2FA frequently asked questions for Washington University users.

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Can I opt out?

No, enrollment for access to identified systems is mandatory.

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Can I Still Use Passcode Authentication?

Yes. WashU 2FA passcodes are still an option for individuals with an approved DUO Exception Request from the Office of Information Security.

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Can I transfer the Duo app from one device to another?

While the app transfers from device to device, the configuration of each device are specific and will need to be reactivated on new devices.

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Can I use 2FA while traveling or when I have poor connection?

Yes. In the Duo mobile app, simply click the key on the upper right-hand side of the screen or…

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Can I use 2FA without racking up data or messaging costs on my mobile device?

Yes. Open the Duo app on your smartphone or tablet and select the Duo key icon in the…

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Can I use an international phone number?

Yes. Duo accepts international phone numbers.

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Can I use multiple devices?

Yes! You can enroll your mobile phone, your landline phone, and your tablet.

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Duo phone restrictions on Chinese +86 numbers

Due to recent telephony restrictions by the Chinese government, effective April 11, 2019…