Coffee and Copy Room Supplies

In our efforts to continue supporting teams as we come to the office more often, the IT Admin team will have both Administrative Coordinators on each site on a rotating schedule.

WashU IT Administrative Coordinators are available Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the WashU IT Hub (4480 Clayton) to answer your building and facility questions or issues, if you need office supplies, or need general administrative assistance.

Just stop by cubicles 1400A and 1400D.

IT Admin will make supply orders for break rooms and copy rooms on a monthly basis to keep our coffee and supply inventory stocked. If you notice that we are running low, or are out of, a supply please contact the WashU IT Admin team.

In order to best support the IT Admin team’s efforts please refrain from removing any delivered supplies or boxes from their area. All supplies must be inventoried upon receipt then they are distributed to the copy and break rooms for general use.