Enterprise Applications (EA): Accomplishments – October 2022

Submitted by Ramalakshmi Gopalakrishnan Domain Project Title Project Summary Project Team Implementation Date Student EA-T3- EA-9191 – Student Affairs: Presence.io WUGO Replacement – EMS Integration The integration between WUGO and EMS sends Student Group membership information from Presence, the new vendor for the Washington University Group Organizer (WUGO) system, and EMS (Reserve-A-Space) the main room […]

November 2: Changes when calling the Service Desk, Workday Support Line, Systems and Procedures, and Campus Operator

WashU IT is implementing a new phone system for some support groups on November 2, 2022, at 8 p.m. CST. There is no outage expected during the implementation.  The new phone system, Five9, allows us to implement features that are beneficial to our customers. When you call the Service Desk (314-933-3333), Workday Support Line (314-935-WDAY), Systems and Procedures […]

ONE.WUSTL Has New User Interface

WashU IT has launched a new user interface for the ONE.WUSTL single-sign-on portal. With more than 250 tasks available, the portal gives the WashU community a quick and easy shortcut to services and systems such as WebSTAC, Canvas, Workday, Box, Outlook, and more from a single source, eliminating the time spent searching through browser bookmarks or attempting to […]

WashU IT End User Services Completing Training to Support Service Excellence

WashU IT End User Services is developing and actively training our staff to provide service excellence. We have just released a new training module that discusses the importance of fulfilling our promise to our customers concerning timeframes for resolving incidents within our established Service Level Agreements (SLA). SLAs are a documented agreement between a service provider […]

ONE.WUSTL Webinar: A New Way to Experience WashU Services and Systems

Submitted by Tahnee Alves Ayala Pereira WashU IT is launching a new user interface for ONE.WUSTL, a portal that gives the university community a quick and easy shortcut to access hundreds of services and systems. Join the WashU IT OCM team for a “ONE.WUSTL: Search, Click, Done!” webinar session this September and find out how […]

Required Maintenance for Kramer VIA Wireless Presentation Devices

WashU IT has been made aware of a required maintenance for multiple Kramer VIA Wireless Presentation Devices throughout both the Medical and Danforth campuses.These are the devices which allow you to wirelessly share your laptop or device screen on room monitors and/or through room projectors via WiFi networks. As a result, some of the Kramer VIA […]

At-a-Glance Team Documents

Additional team-focused IT at-a-glance documents are here. They’re an introduction for new and existing IT staff who want to learn about WashU IT,  quick references about services each team provides, background about how to request work, information about team leadership, and how to view active work different teams have on their docket.   This content will […]

Enterprise Applications Accomplishments – September 2022

Submitted by Ramalakshmi Gopalakrishnan Domain Project Title Project Summary Project Team Implementation Date WUSM EA-12330 Floater Insurance – Error on Creating Billing Period and Journal export file There are two issues with Floater Insurance:  1) Error on creating Billing Period/Modify Billing Period2) Generate Journal should have last day of Billing Period as the value beneath […]

Securing the Wired Network on the WUSM Campus

WashU IT and WUSM ITSS have began implementing the preparatory step of securing the wired network on the WUSM campus, a process called Network Access Control (NAC). Network Access Control (NAC) will allow us to secure the wired network in a manner similar to the WUSM-Secure wireless network, which requires your WUSTL Key credentials. This […]

What’s Happening in EUS: New Machine Model Testing in WashU IT Quality Assurance

As technology advances, older computer models are no longer produced and replaced by newer models featuring new technology. There is a need for End User Services, specifically The WashU IT Depot, to update the computers and docks it offers based on the new models offered by Dell and Apple. Before the Depot adds the new […]