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Student Tech Services (STS): Meet The STS Student Techs – Gabbi Arguello

Name: Gabbi Arguello

Grade: Freshman

Major: Computer Science Major + Finance Major

Position at STS:

SP24 Hitzeman, Hurd & Meyers STC – (FA24/SP25 Eliot STC)

What made you want to work at STS? 

I’ve had my fair share of computer problems, so developing the skills to fix technical issues sounded like an exciting opportunity. Additionally, I’ve had really positive interactions with the staff at STS!⁠  

What is your favorite animated movie?

UP and/or Ponyo.⁠ 

What is the craziest dream you’ve ever had? 

Flying through the sky, falling into the sea, getting eaten by a shark, resurfacing to land as a mutant ninja turtle, and then having to run to a coffee shop for my shift.⁠