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Access Management Employee Spotlight: Trent Miller – System Access Specialist

Trent Miller is the newest member of the Access Management team.  Trent has a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Web Design from Butler University.  He also brings 4 years of IT support experience and a great deal of enthusiasm to his role. 

In his short time with the Access Management team, Trent has made a positive impact through his attention to detail and focus on creating a positive experience.  His determination, and willingness to learn have assisted in expanding his and the team’s knowledge.  Trent’s communication and approach on creating a positive experience for all interactions, make working with him a pleasure.

Trent’s most recent job was with WashU IT Depot, where is face to face interactions with our customers and fresh perspective on the role have been an asset to the team as a whole.

Trent says, “I am excited to be a member of the Access Management team.  It is exposing me to a variety of new systems and learning opportunities.  It has been a good challenge of my current knowledge as well as pushing me to pursue new skills.  The team has been very welcoming and willing to answer any questions.”

When Trent is not hard at work at Wash U, he enjoys spending time with family and friends. He also enjoys playing board games and video games and is currently learning to play guitar. Trent would like to visit Montana to see the mountains or Alaska to see the northern lights.