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Enterprise Applications Successfully Completes AutoSys Job Migration to New Production Environment

Used by developers to schedule, monitor, and report critical information technology jobs, Autosys is an automated job-scheduling tool that will save the university time and resources.

As a part of the Autosys Upgrade and Job Migration Project, the Enterprise Applications team migrated approximately 1,560 jobs to the new production environment between November 28, 2022, and January 6, 2023. These jobs can be present in any Autosys-configured machines and are connected to the university network.

“The upgrade itself was of substantial importance for modernizing the platform and introducing a true test environment for Autosys with test and production on separate servers,” explained Allison Grindon, Assistant Director Applications, Enterprise Applications. “This enhanced security for the application and allowed for a separation of duties for implementations,” she added.

The new Autosys environment has features that facilitate the Network Operations Center’s (NOC) role of monitoring the jobs. In the previous environment, which is now retired, someone from the NOC team had to walk over and look at the system every 10-15 minutes to verify that no failures had occurred. The current environment notifies the NOC when files are missing or do not work as expected. 

“This project completed the retirement of the last legacy Autosys server, which was running Windows Server 2008 before its end of life,” said Grindon, highlighting the importance of this accomplishment. The team was also able to successfully move off the wuinfosys domain. 

Grindon attributes the positive outcome of the project to the collaboration across Enterprise Applications, Shared Infrastructure, and Organizational Change Management. “Everyone who was a part of it played an important role and was integral to its success,” she concludes.