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Enterprise Applications (EA): Accomplishments – October 2022

Submitted by Ramalakshmi Gopalakrishnan

DomainProject TitleProject SummaryProject TeamImplementation Date
StudentEA-T3- EA-9191 – Student Affairs: Presence.io WUGO Replacement – EMS IntegrationThe integration between WUGO and EMS sends Student Group membership information from Presence, the new vendor for the Washington University Group Organizer (WUGO) system, and EMS (Reserve-A-Space) the main room reservation system on the Danforth campus. It enables officers in Student Union-funded Student groups to reserve space on behalf of their Groups. The vendor for WUGO changed over the summer and the project to update this integration to continue working.Anthony Love, Cameron Russell, Jason Kemmery, Jeff Allison, Joanna Kim-Keller, Ted Hindes, Veleria Boaten9/20/2022
University AdvancementEA-T3 – INC2261681 – Temporary Modification of ADIS stored procedure (TransactionDetails_Get) SolutionThis project corrected an issue when applying a prior year adjustment to a donor transition in the University Advancement System.Scot Mitchell9/20/2022
Workday Integrations & Security, Mulesoft, Automation EA-T3 – EA-10796 – INT835 – NURSYS HR Data Inbound/Outbound – New IntegrationsNew integrations with NURSYS, a national database for verification of nurse licensure, discipline and practice privileges for RNs.Integrations: Janet McElroy, Ryan Philipps, Emily Follman10/6/2022
ResearchEA-T3 -LAMPS Q3 Release to PRODThis project served as a quarterly release of fixes from service tickets submitted to the vendor for the University’s Lab Animal Management Protocol system (LAMPS).Criscilla McKinney10/10/2022
ResearchEA-T3- EA-12317 – Update Stored Procedures in RMS Int. workflowThis project corrected worker records with more than one primary email in the RMS database that caused issues in overnight data processing.
ReliaQuest provides ServiceNow with a correlated unique Id that is used to identify the correlated security incident record in ReliaQuest. 
Erwin Mabeza, Igor Soyfer, Jimmy Dorman10/11/2022
StudentEA-T3 EA-4033 – DRA deployments (INT837 and INT843 only) for Terra Dotta integrationsINT837 is extracting scholar data from Workday for nightly data feed of WUSTL-sponsored international employees into Terra Dotta

INT843 is extracting WUSTL employee data from Workday for the nightly data feed that enables admin user configuration in Terra Dotta.
Julie Fugina, Joey Kanawall, Jason Kemmery, Amy Schroeder10/13/2022
StudentEA-T3 – EA-4033 – Terra Dotta Integrations for INT849 and INT838INT838 is extracting student data from SIS for the nightly data feed of international student records into Terra Dotta.

INT849 is inputting visa and country of citizenship data from Terra Dotta into SIS.
Julie Fugina, Amy Schroeder, with vital support from Raj Parihar10/20/2022
Lifecycle ManagementEA-T3-11842 – SharePoint Migration for ORTHO to SharePoint OnlineThis project served as a site migration
for the Surgery Portal to SharePoint Online.
David Lender, Melissa Zarf10/20/2022
StudentEA-T3 – EA-13071-PEP DRA INT831-Allow one-time update of UAS fields for all plansWith the PEP rewrite project, there was a need for a one time update of the PEP application with the fields from the UAS Masterfile for ALL PEP accounts.Kristina Karrenbrock10/31/2022