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WashU IT: Employee Promotion List (2022)

Join WashU IT in celebrating many of the staff accomplishments this year. View the list below to see promotions in your area since January 1st, 2022.

January 2022

Bill Corcoran – Systems Engineer III
Keith Dandurand – Systems Engineer III
David Leisure – Director Technical Services
Shin Leong – Infrastructure Architect
Kevin Lin – Applications Developer II
Catherine Morie – Applications Developer II
Kirk Brege – Data Center Operations Lead
Robert Pokerney – HPC Research Facilitator I
Cameron Johnston – Technical Support Specialist II
Troy Weatherburn – Systems Engineer IV

February 2022

Brian Lawton – Director Enterprise Applications
Kevin Peppers – Application Developer Lead
Brandon Williams – Technical Support Specialist I

March 2022

Lisa Jordan – Assistant Director End User Services – Service Desk
Nick Lowre – Operations Supervisor II

April 2022

Carmanisha Edwards – IT Project Manager II
Jennie Franke – Senior Director Enterprise Applications
Mark Craig – Senior Director Enterprise Applications
Dragana Mijajlovic – Financial Analyst IV
Quint Smith – Manager Information Security Awareness, Behavior and Culture Program
Shahira Wallace – Financial Analyst IV
Becca Wallace – Operations Supervisor II
Charles Anderson – Application Support Specialist II
Bill Kallbrier – Assistant Director Applications
Stephanie Phillips – Application Support Specialist II
Raoul Watkins – Associate Technical Training Specialist
Scot Mitchell – Application Developer Lead
Marcus Gilbert – Technical Support Specialist II

May 2022

Andrew Duba – Information Security Analyst III
Brett McFadden – Information Security Analyst II
Kris Oliveira – Assistant Director Shared Infrastructure
Chris Reynolds – Application Developer III
Sarah Everett – Assistant Director Applications
Dan Williams – Assistant Director Applications

July 2022

Nikki Addison – Senior Accounting Coordinator
Emily Asbury – Data Architect Lead
Steve Bartel – Network Technician III
Anthony Brummett – Applications Developer III – Research Systems Engineering
Andrew Carver – Assistant Director Applications
Paige Dunk – Communications Specialist II
Ben Englert – Application Developer III
Michael Fariborz – Application Developer Lead
Brent Firebaugh – Network Technician III
Lynn Heavrin – Assistant Director Shared Infrastructure
Craig Hager – Senior Director Information Technology
Jim Johnson – Senior Director Information Technology
Martin Johnson – Senior Director Information Technology
Josh Kelahan – Systems Engineer III
Natalie Knopf – Business Analyst III
Jamie Kupferer – Network Technician II
Brian Lallish – Communications Specialist II
Becky Lineberry – IT Service Management Analyst I
Michael Mayer – Info Security Analyst III
Meekee McDougald – Application Developer III
Charles Montgomery – Application Developer l
Ryan Mulvaney – Business Analyst IV
Brian Neary – Systems Engineer IV
Melissa Nilson – Application Developer II
Brian Railey – Application Developer Lead
James Ring – Manager Systems Engineering
Sarah Sharp – Business Analyst IV
David Sterling – Director Shared Infrastructure
Rooji Sugathan – Assistant Vice Chancellor Data Management and Analytics
Kim Summers – Business Analyst Lead
Carole Swindle – Senior Coordinator IT Accounting
Laurie Wilson – Network Systems Analyst
Alicia Wilton – Technical Training Lead