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Recent Enterprise Applications (EA) Accomplishments – June 2022

Submitted by Veleria Boaten

DomainProject TitleProject SummaryProject Team Implementation Date
ResearchEA-8990 – Subs Sprint 50 Release (Multiple Jiras)Implement features for SUBS application in Sprint 50 to improve application functionality and make the processing of SUBS more efficient for OSRSCarmanisha Edwards
Andy Zaruba
Dule Djurasevic
Richard Pryzma
ResearchEA-11175 – PACS- SUBS – Memory leaks and sending logs to splunkHotfix to fix a memory leak issue regarding attachments/emails and also to send logging to SplunkCarmanisha Edwards
Andy Zaruba
Dule Djurasevic
Richard Pryzma
StudentEA-6945 – PF: PEP Application Replacement (PF2) (Workday CC-1002) Release 3This is the third release of the PEP Replacement project, which includes nearly a full-blown implementation of administrative system functions. Four releases are planned, with the final one being in June 2022Kristina Karrenbrock
Bob Menendez
Stephen Doggette
Steve Sparks
Andy Zaruba
Enabling AppsEA-9309 – PPMO – Software Licensing Website Re-Platform project requestMigrating the current software licensing platform from sl.wustl.edu to Service Now. Faculty, staff, and students will be redirected to ServiceNow Portal to search for software through the ServiceNow Software catalog. Add software catalog feature  to ServiceNowTroy Weatherburn6/1/2022
Physical OperationsEA-9615 – Maximo Integrations – Billing ProjectChanges to INT336 (Max to WD) and INT544(WD – Max)
and the associated Autosys jobs to align cost centers with companies
Brian Werner,
Julie Fugina,
Michelle Weinrich,
Sarah Everett
Enabling AppsEA-12211: Confluence: June 202 Security Vulnerability Patch to CBMI/I^2 EnvironmentWe received a security advisory from the vendor, Atlassian, regarding a zero day critical security vulnerability.
As a result, we are upgrading the CMBI/I^2 server for Confluence
Michele Harashe
Michael Ahearn
Jason Murray
Enabling AppsEA-12194: Confluence: June 2022 Security Vulnerability Patch to WashU IT EnvironmentWe received a security advisory from the vendor, Atlassian, regarding a zero day critical security vulnerability  Michele Harashe
Michael Ahearn
Jason Murray
IntegrationsCC-2299 New integration-MetLife Basic Life EligibilitySends Metlife a list of eligible Life Insurance and AD&D EmployeesJanet McElroy6/9/2022
IntegrationsEA-10049 INT808 Bright Horizons Eligibility OutboundDeploy Bright Horizon DRA and Workday EIB to Production to for Bright Horizons benefit processingJanet McElroy
Emily Follman
Ryan Phillips
Jeremy Dodt
Jimmy Dorman
StudentSISAdmin June 2022 ReleaseThe Following projects were deployed to production for the SISAdmin June 2022 Release. This was necessary for Fiscal Year End data processing by the various departments.

EA -11965 Student Accounting: Fix Broken “Exception Report – POOLED Tuit” (REM/UREM) 
Exception report fix

EA-10328 – Hide Non-Curricular/Non-SIS Courses Part 2 Hide non-curricular courses in SIS Admin and Webstac

EA-11901 – SISAdmin UC Non-Enrolled Students Broken Email Function
email from a report functionality fix

EA-12079 – Student Accounting: Fix FIS JR by Account Number Report
Student accounting fix to journal dates
Charles Montgomery
Ted Hindes