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What’s Happening in EUS: Workday Support, from the Ground level

Submitted by Brian Schuler

The morning of July 1, 2021 was warm even at 4:55am. Those who were fast asleep awaited the alarm’s melodious call. Others, like members of the HCM and FIN SDM (Service Delivery Model) and EA teams had been up all night waiting for the phone to open so they could hear their first bit of feedback on the new Workday system. The technicians from the SDM, EA, and Systems and Procedures team nervously twitched on their mouse buttons, waiting for the call system to switch to Available. These bold adventurers were known as the Hypercare Team.

When the clock struck five, the techs opened the lines. After the first hour, there were only 18 calls! Things might not be so bad after all. During the next hour, the 314-935-WDAY line was ringing every 40 seconds. The Hypercare team dug in their heels because this is what they had trained for over the past couple of months. 

In those two days, the Hypercare team received a total of 513 calls. The Workday support number received 1,240 calls during the following week, despite the shortened week. This was followed by 1,206 calls the following week. However, the numbers have decreased since then. As the weeks passed, the slow decline in volume continued. In August and September, members of the Hypercare Team dwindled; EA and other SDM members returned to their duties as Tier 3 support agents. All that remained was the Systems and Procedures Team. 

Workday’s full support was taken over by Systems and Procedures in the first full week of October. Since then, the first call resolution has increased from 59% to 77%. Their knowledge of Workday continues to be expanded along with that of the rest of the university. We are entering the final quarter of the fiscal year and we look forward to celebrating a full year of Workday support and looking toward the ARCHED horizon, towards the SUNRISE that beckons, and to whatever the future may hold.