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Shared Infrastructure Accomplishments -February 2022

Submitted by David Sterling

Collaborating with ITSS for endpoint build/testing for new Welcome project which is customer facingThe EPIC Welcome project is a collaboration with ITSS and EPIC teams to plan and configure a patient use device for self check-in. These will be utilized in various clinical departments
Met with InstantInfo Systems regarding E-Fax issue on Danforth affecting inbound faxes.  Workaround will remain in place pending ATT findingsDuring a major incident impacting all inbound faxing for Danforth campus, we learned how phone telephone providers (AT&T) can impact our service unexpectedly. This incident prompted several internal discussions about the resiliency of our E-Fax services. We have since engaged with our vendor to perform a complete health check of not just our managed environment on premises but all levels of interaction.  This will include Danforth telecom, BJC telecom and cloud services utilized in the service
Testing new portal created in BeyondTrust for CMMC project.Working with the WUSTL-SEn team to create custom remote support portal
Windows 11 endpoint project kicked off – beta expected late Feb-early MarchWill allow Shared IT customers of managed endpoints the ability to run Windows 11, Microsoft’s newest operating system
Setup imaging support portal in minnow bucket with training and documentation also to respond quickly to depot and imaging partner needs, All announcements are sent here too as well as email nowReducing time to fix imaging issues by order of magnitude, constant feedback and communication to improve products and imaging
Consolidated Task Sequence 2.0 with new naming convention.xlsx – 1/24/22 release dateBuilt out much more automated and streamlined imaging for endpoints, removes defunct FIS codes from names. Saving many manhours in Depot
Kicked off Peds Central Admin SharePoint MigrationContinuing to transition departmental collaboration sites per WashU IT SharePoint Strategy
Launched new WordPress site for Campus Card Services on their dedicated serverProvide secure, performant, reliable WashU IT managed platform for departmental site was successfully migrated off of SharePoint 2013Continuing to transition departmental collaboration sites per WashU IT SharePoint Strategy
Dell Depot Optimization project – Dell automated builds with barcode scanner. – release to QA and Dell scheduled for mid February 2022Wustl will pre-provision names for dell using our new naming convention and build details, Will allow Dell to do wustl builds with 1 or 2 clicks, scan a barcode, and click go
Completed 209 tickets/work orders (Blue Light, CATV, Telecom Work Orders, Cable Installs, Fiber Paths, Locates, Moves/Adds/Changes.)Incident and Request resolution
Went live on new Telemanagment Systems (PCR) – validating dbase, prepping for test billing runTelecom billing system for Danforth
Supporting 62 active construction projects for both Danforth (14) and Medical campus (48)IT Project oversight
Configured and finished the Delmar Devine networkBrought network infrastructure online to support Brown School of Social Work remote site
Migrated Distributed Antenna System head end equipment power to align with distributed power standardsProvide redundant power for critical DAS infrastructure
Identified issue with NCDC customer (Chip Sschweiss) power distribution in cabinets 2.4 and 2.5 and addressed to avoid future PDU breaker overload situationProvided additional power to support customer needs
Completed computer room air conditioning preventative maintenance efforts in North Campus data center, 4480 Data Center, and Becker Library HubComplete monthly health checks to assure all data centers are working properly
Completed battery replacement in BIH11a telecom room, which was identified during self-test.Replaced battery to provide adequate power during power outage
Resolved SAML issues on the production my devices portal for the Secure WUSM NAC projectDirect support of the Med School NAC Project
Implemented monitor mode for 22 N. Euclid and Tabex for the Secure WUSM NAC project Direct support of the Med School NAC Project
Completed deployment of new WURN connection for Dr. Garcia in the South BuildingProvide high speed connectivity for researcher
Decommissioned legacy Remote Access VPN Law and ArtSci VPN profilesFinal phase on moving A&S to new VPN with improved security
Completed the 10GB bandwidth uplink capacity project for the last two residential buildingsProvides increased bandwidth for students
Completed the replacement of 3 switches in Bauer HallUpgrading hardware to support LCM efforts
Engineers completed CMMC training Training
Completed UPS LCM replacements for St. Louis Childrens Hospital Rm. 08 and Irene Walter Johnson, Rm. 02.Replaced battery back up system as part of our LCM efforts
Completed UPS battery refresh for Newstead facility and McDonnell Hall, mca-226Replaced battery to provide adequate power during power outage
Installed two new PDUs for South Building 1st floor TR upgrade projectProvide additional power to support new infrastructure
Migrated wustl 2.0 encrypted to ISE, from free radiusProvides greater hardware redundancy
Completed move of AD host back to BIH networkImprove identity service integration with users and devices on BIH networks
Completed purchase of replacement SQL administration toolkit for the Database & Platform team (Red Gate SQL Toolbelt will replace Apex SQL)Improve effectiveness of Platform Engineering team with updated tools
Completed removal of retired legacy Psychiatry server hardware from the data centerReduce power consumption and risk through retirement of outdated hardware
Completed installation of future production VMware vRA 8.6 environmentPreparation for upgrade to support newer operating systems
Completed server builds for AutoSys refreshPreparation for refresh of the enterprise scheduling platform
Completed CIS Benchmark for Microsoft SQL Server review and implementation into build scriptsImprove Information Security posture of database environments
Completed migration of Olin Business School DevOps platform to public cloudReduce risk by migrating DevOps platform from legacy environment to modern cloud environment
Completed server builds for Surgery database and web serversReduce risk by providing modern hosting platforms
Completed move of NetApp AFF (all-flash array) from West Campus Data Center to Research Data CenterIncrease workload capacity by balancing physical resources
Completed server build for Microsoft Identity Manager serversPreparation for refresh of the Identity Manager environment
Installed additional access point and fixed wireless configuration within the WashU IT MCC 12th floor areaImprove wireless performance and coverage
Command Center applied Microsoft Server critical operating system patches to 272 supported WashU IT serversPreventing security threats to the supported WashU IT server infrastructure
Command Center handled 132 incidents and received 143 after-hour callsProviding customer support and resolving infrastructure alarms
Command Center printed 3479 accounts payable checks and 214 payroll checksMaintaining administrative check printing operations
Completed installation work for the Chancellor’s remodel within North BrookingsNew construction infrastructure support
Installed new network in WUSM South Building for BioChemistry preclinical departmentNew construction infrastructure support
Provisioned firewall requests for the new Papercut serverNew infrastructure installation
Upgraded WUSM East Imaging 3rd floor access points to newer modelProviding enhanced wireless performance and coverage
Applied Microsoft critical server patches to 496 WashU IT supported servers on the Tuesday rolloutPreventing security threats to the supported WashU IT server infrastructure
Performed a network audit for the Grant Medical ClinicImproving Medical School remote clinic configuration