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February 3: DocuSign New Feature Release and Bulk Send V.1.0 Retirement

Washington University Information Technology, in coordination with the DocuSign vendor, will perform routine maintenance, providing feature enhancements and bug fixes, on February 3.

There is no service impact associated with this maintenance.

Notable changes with this update

You can schedule an envelope to be sent at a specified date and time.Select the dropdown arrow next to the Send button and then select “Send Later”.A modal will appear where you can set the date and time for the envelope to be sent.
You can now add delays between recipients on an envelope.There is a new “Add Delay” button next to the “Add Recipient” button when you are preparing envelopes.Select “Add Delay” and you will be able to set the delay to a specific number of days and hours after the previous recipient finishes, or set it to a specific date and time.

Detailed information about the maintenance can be found at the links below:

Bulk Send V.2.0 Release and Bulk Send V.1.0 Retirement
Beginning August 31, DocuSign released the Bulk Send V.2.0 feature.  Customers will be required to transition to this new version to continue utilizing bulk delivery.Please review the How to Transition to Bulk Send v2 for step by step instructions.DocuSign is scheduled to retire V.1.0 on February 28, 2022.  

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