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Danforth Parking Replacement T2 Project Deployed

Submitted by Sarah Everett

EA-8803 Danforth Parking Replacement T2 Project was successfully deployed to production and is now available to staff and students.  This was a business led IT project in which Danforth Parking & Transportation contracted the vendor, T2, to implement their Flex SaaS solution.  This solution includes Flex the parking management system used by the Danforth Parking & Transportation office staff, the Mobile Enforcement Application used by Danforth Parking & Transportation to issue citations, and FlexPort the customer portal for students and staff to purchase permits, pay citations, and appeal citations and Flex Admin

Enterprise Applications was engaged for the integrations with the T2 Flex Saas solution as well as the decommission of TickeTrak.  Danforth Parking & Transportation used TickeTrak for the past 15 years for their parking management needs.

IT project highlights include:

–       Replacing the integrations between HR, Finance, and Student systems as they existed with TickeTrak.

–       The conversion of people, vehicles, active permits, and active and past citations.

–       The implementation of single sign-on.

–       The implementation of CashNet.

–       The retirement of the TickeTrak application, databases, and servers. 

–       Archiving historical TickeTrak data to the shared platform.

Replacing the integrations between HR, Finance, and Student systems as they existed with TickeTrak for T2 Flex was completed in an extremely short timeframe.  This was possible due to the DRA framework developed for integrations with the MyDay Program. As well as utilizing AGILE to support ongoing communication with the IT team, close customer collaboration, and an active response to requirement changes.

Thanks to the core project team (Jeremy Dodt, Sarah Everett, Julie Fugina, Nick Kondis, Sam Smith, Michelle Weinrich, and Dan Williams) for their dedication and hard work and EA Leadership (Maria Moyer, Veleria Boaten, Scott Hughes, and Steve Sparks) for providing their support and expertise towards this project.  And thank you to our customers, Danforth Parking & Transportation (specifically Marc Carlton, Elisa Strathman, Glen Firns, and Sarah Kaiser) for allowing us to support the replacement of TickeTrak with T2 Flex.