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Planview PPM Pro: Accurate Project Tracking

Please remember to submit your Planview PPM Pro timesheet by noon today.

Are you Charging Time to the Appropriate Project?

Make sure you are allocating your time to projects and tasks that accurately reflect the work you are doing. If you cannot find a project or task you worked on, contact the project or resource manager for that task.

Resource and Project Managers

Ensure projects and tasks are configured in Planview for your resources that accurately reflect work being done.

Why is this important?

Accurate time reporting provides insight into resource (people) allocation. Many decisions are made based on this information, including assigning available people to projects, ensuring the appropriate amount of staff is in place for successful service operations, and budgeting. If we know what we are doing, we can better plan for the future, avoiding overworked team members, which creates a positive work environment.

Time Submission Leaderboard

The following departments achieved over 93% for approving timesheets on time last week.

  • IT Administration – 100%
  • IT OCIO – 100%
  • EA – MyDay – 94%

Nice job and thank you!

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