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Planview: Keyboard Shortcuts

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Please remember to submit your Planview timesheet by noon today.

Timesheet Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts is a great way to save time.

  • F2 – Edit the selected task
  • Tab – Add a time entry and then Tab to the next cell
  • Shift+Tab – Move to the previous cell
  • Up and Down arrows – Move to the cells above and below
  • Alt+N (Windows) or Option+N (Mac) – Add a new entry
  • Delete key to delete an entry

Managers’ Corner

Extended Leave

For any sort of extended leave, please email as soon as possible. We will deactivate the team member’s Planview account while they are out, which will remove them from any timesheet reports looking at ‘active resources’. While deactivated, they will show up with a black strike through their name, but will not be removed from any tasks or projects.

Once they return to work, send a request back to to reactivate, which would grant them access again.

Time Submission Leaderboard

The following department achieved over 93% for approving timesheets on time last week.

  • Enterprise Data Management – 100%
  • Information Security Office – 100%
  • IT Administration – 100%
  • IT OCIO – 100%
  • Shared Infrastructure – 97%
  • Research Infrastructure Services – 95%
  • Enterprise Applications – 95%

Nice job and thank you!

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