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Planview: Entry Notes vs. Timesheet Notes

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An Entry Note is specific to that task. For example, noting which course was taken for an Administrative Training task.

Entry Note

A Timesheet Note is a general note concerning the week as whole. For example, noting the reason for working over the weekend. There can only be one Timesheet Note.

Timesheet note

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Manager’s Corner

Please notify of resource changes including:

  • FMLA
  • Changes in role
  • Changes to direct reports
  • Alternate timesheet approver changes

Time Submission Leaderboard

The following department achieved over 93% for submitting timesheets on time last week.

  • Enterprise Data Management – 100%
  • IT OCIO – 100%
  • Research Infrastructure Services – 95%
  • End User Services – 94%

The following department achieved over 93% for approving timesheets on time last week.

  • Enterprise Data Management – 100%
  • Information Security Office – 100%
  • IT Administration – 100%
  • IT OCIO – 100%
  • Research Infrastructure Services – 95%

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