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Planview: Holiday Time

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Don’t forget to submit your timesheets for this week before you leave for the holidays. Time for 12/24 and 12/25 should be submitted as Administrative – Holiday.

Submit time for virtual holiday parties as Administrative – Non-Project Administration.

Thank You Days

Report “Thank You Days” in Planview as Administrative Vacation with the note, “Time-off approved by HR – thank you day” added.

“Thank you Days” HR Announcement

Submission Leaderboard

The following departments achieved over 93% for submitting timesheets on time last week.

  • Shared Infrastructure – 94%

The following departments achieved over 93% for approving timesheets on time last week.

  • Information Security Office – 100%
  • IT OCIO – 100%
  • Shared Infrastructure – 98%
  • PPMO – 97%
  • Enterprise Applications – 96%

Nice job and thank you!

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