What are the Planview Timesheet Guidelines?

Timesheet Guidelines may be accessed within Planview while entering time. When you have your timesheet open in Planview, select the Actions drop down menu in the upper right-hand corner.

Guidelines for Washington University Information Technology time entry

  1. Enter time to the nearest half-hour.
  2. Enter the actual amount worked, even if it goes over your standard work week.
  3. Timesheets are due by noon every Monday for the previous time period (add a reminder in Outlook!).
  4. Timesheets are reviewed and approved by your Resource Manager by noon every Tuesday for the previous time period.
  5. Project team meetings should be charged to the appropriate Project task.
  6. Functional team meetings should be charged to the Service Operations “bucket.”

If you work a shift that is not here on Mondays at noon, submit your timesheet before start of business Tuesday, so your resource manager may approve it.

If you cannot find a task you worked on in order to enter your time, please contact your Project or Resource Manager over that area.

Administrative Time Definitions

Non-Project Administration – this would cover time spent on activities or events not directly tied to a project or service operations task. For example, University Town Hall or events such as holiday parties or Diversity Committee. This does NOT include staff meetings and project meetings. Those should be charged to Service Operations or the Project. 

Training – includes any training classes (in-person or online) and professional development activities, such as conferences, roundtables, community of practice meetings.

Sick/Leave – includes sick time, personal leave, military leave, funeral leave, jury duty.

NOTE: Contractors do NOT enter time for holiday, vacation, training and sick/leave. Leave those hours off the timesheet.

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Why can’t I log in to Planview?

  1. Check the URL.
    1. Go to https://wustl.ppmpro.com. You should see the WUSTL connect page to log in. (Note: do not go to www.innotas.com to log in)…

What browser should I use for Planview?

Planview works in all major browsers, but you will have the best experience in a browser supported by Planview. You can find the latest system requirements here.

When is Planview scheduled downtime?

Planview has a scheduled maintenance window every Friday night at midnight, Central Time. During this time, users are unable to login to Planview. On the third Friday…