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As “Back to School” season begins, Vore encourages reflection on your important role 

As the “Back to School” season begins here at Washington University of St. Louis, I’m very aware of the physical and sometimes emotional distance many of us feel from the campus in our mostly remote roles. It’s easy to feel disconnected from the classrooms, the lecture halls, and the lively campus interactions. Yet, I urge each of you to reflect on the role we play, the significant contributions we make, and the impact we have on the broader campus community. 

In our commitment to the university, we directly impact its foundation. Our diligent work ensures that systems work well, integrations and automations run smoothly, and academic, research, and patient care objectives succeed without major technological hindrances. Reflect for a moment on our daily efforts. While they might be mostly technical and often in the background, they lay the groundwork for cultivating the leaders of tomorrow. Each line of code, each system we oversee, and every issue or project we navigate becomes a part of the complex picture that is Washington University’s legacy. So, when accolades come in for groundbreaking research or an alumnus stands out on a global stage, take a moment to realize our department’s key role in scripting those success stories. 

I also want you to be aware that our impact doesn’t end within these virtual walls. Think about the ripples you create in your local communities. Leadership, after all, isn’t just about titles or positions. It’s an innate quality, accessible to all who are determined to make a positive difference. Every one of us, regardless of our position, has the power to inspire, influence, and selflessly serve.  We each leave a lasting mark within EA, WashU IT, the University, the broader St. Louis community, and beyond. By taking proactive steps, lending an empathetic ear, and sharing our expertise, we can become agents for change, guiding projects, molding our group dynamics, and amplifying the campus mission we all share, and ultimately making the world a better place. 

Matthew Vore 
Assistant Director, Workday SDM and Integrations/Automation