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Enterprise Applications (EA) Accomplishments – August 2022

Submitted by Abyssinia Asfaw

DomainProject TitleProject SummaryProject TeamImplementation Date
Enabling AppsEA-8858 – CC-1899 -PAC – Replace Timelink Application ProjectProject to replace the current timeclocks due to them utilizing outdated software that is out of support. Phase 1 on 8/8 (Kemper Art Museum – Room 116, Danforth University Center Alumni House, Quadrangle Housing Maintenance and Danforth University Center 3rd Floor 322).Contract is up with current vendor Kronos and will need to start with new vendor Accu-Time. Phase 2 on 8/15 (Comparative Medicine, Internal Medicine and Radiation Oncology).Carmanisha Edwards, Sherri Woolard, Sara Sue Patterson8/8/2022
Enabling AppsEA-10946 IT Depot optimization – request software configuration for computerAllow users to select a software package when requesting a computers or laptops through the ServiceNow Portal.Carmanisha Edwards, Greg Clemon, Mohan Kolli8/11/2022
WUSMEA-12288 – CRTC Apply – Inaccurate report fixReports for CRTC were pulling the wrong divisions and departments for some applications in reports because of an incorrect join clauses in the stored procedures for the reports. These stored procedures have been updated.Theresa Smallwood, Nguyen Pham8/11/2022
StudentEA-9029 Slate Decisions for Matriculated StudentsUndergraduate Admissions updates applicants who become student data in Slate such as student enrollment status and merit scholarships.  This data does not make it into PowerFAIDS since applicant data is no longer updated after the applicant has matriculated into SIS. SFS still needs this information, so this project will be the needed data even after the applicant has become a student.Anthony Love, Karen Leingang8/11/2022
Enabling AppsEA-11685 – ServiceNow: ReliaQuest integrationThis is a new Integration with ReliaQuest that will create correlated tickets which will be auto assigned for the Infosec security team to work. This provides a Service Account and incident field details to allow ReliaQuest to create security incidents in WashU ServiceNow instance and is a Two way integration. Updating the state and comment fields in ServiceNow will pass the changes to ReliaQuest.

ReliaQuest provides ServiceNow with a correlated unique Id that is used to identify the correlated security incident record in ReliaQuest. 
Carmanisha Edwards, Laurel Repinski , Michele Harashe, Tom Imlay8/16/2022
Enabling AppsEA-10947 – IT Depot Optimization – Loaner Laptop TrackingThis is a scoped application for the loaner laptop catalog item. This application has reporting and tracking on what asset is checked out and what pick up location it resides. For both Danforth and WUSM.Carmanisha Edwards, Greg Clemon, Jeffrey Blair, Kevin Peppers, Laurel Repinski 8/18/2022
StudentEA-9191- Presence IO WUGO ReplacementCampus Life is moving away from the vended app currently used for managing student groups – WUGO (Anthology Engage). The new product selected is Presence.io. This project work covers replacing Anthology Engage with Presence.io.Anthony Love, Raji Lakshmanan, Anthony Love, Cameron Russell, Jeff Allison, Jeff Freeman, Ted Hindes, Veleria Boaten8/18/2022
StudentEA-12293 Student Accounting: SISAdmin Add Transaction Codes to ReportsAddition of a transcode value to SIS exception reports below. These reports are sent weekly to all the schools and some departments for review on the student accounts.  These reports are a control in our SOX document.  Anthony Love, Jill Fechtman, Charles Montgomery, Sarah Grantham, Ted Hindes8/18/2022
Technical ArchitectureEA-12488 UAS Masterfile to PEP – implement batched submissions to PEPR endpointOriginal DRA requirements were to send all records in a single API call.  That was taking to long and timing out. Refactored the call into configurable smaller batches, defaulting to 500 records at a time.Brian Railey8/18/2022