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Learning with DocuSign: Voiding Envelopes

Voiding Envelopes in DocuSign

DocuSign is helping Washington University transform its digital environment and eSignature space. We use DocuSign to streamline our processes, streamline our workflows, and connect across campuses. DocuSign eSignatures are not always completed, so we may need to void (cancel) an envelope and send a new one. By voiding an envelope, the transaction cancels all outstanding signing activities. You can void any uncompleted envelopes that you have sent. You can only void envelopes that you sent, managed, or shared with you, and that are still in process. In-process envelopes with the status “Waiting for Others”, “Needs to Sign,” or “Needs to View” are being processed.

How to void an envelope

You can void any envelope that you sent or manage, or is shared with you, and that is still in process. Be aware that if you delete such an envelope, that also voids the envelope.

  1. From the Manage page, locate the in process envelope that you want to void.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow to show the actions menu and select Void.
  3. Enter a brief reason for voiding the document. This reason is included in the email notification sent to recipients, and is added to the envelope Details and History views.
  4. Confirm your action by clicking VOID.
    The envelope is voided, and the status in the Manage list changes to Voided.

Access to voided envelopes

When you void an envelope, recipients who have finished signing or whose turn it is to sign can still access the documents. However, a “VOID” watermark is placed on all pages and no further signing actions by anyone is possible. Any future recipients in the signing order will never receive any notification or be granted access to view or sign.

Notifications for voided envelopes

When you void an envelope, all recipients who have either finished signing or whose turn it is to sign receive an email telling them that the envelope was voided. If there are recipients further down the signing order, they do not receive any notification regarding the voided envelope.

If you do not want void notifications sent to recipients whose turn it is to sign, you can correct the envelope to remove them from the signing order. After you correct the envelope you can void it, and notifications will be sent only to the recipients who have already finished signing.

Voiding an envelope on which you are also a recipient

You may be both the sender and a recipient on an envelope. In this case, the in process envelope can appear in three places: Sent folder, Inbox, and Action Required quick view. These are all representations of one envelope, and any action you take on any one of them affects the envelope entirely. That is, you cannot void the envelope from your Inbox without voiding and deleting the transaction for all parties.

If you are trying to clear out your Inbox or Sent folder and want to avoid voiding an in process envelope, you can instead move the envelope to a personal folder. For more on folders, see the Folders guide.

Here’s an example for an envelope sent by a DocuSign user in which they are also the first recipient. Shown are the three views of the envelope, in their Inbox, Sent folder, and Action Required quick view. All three represent the same envelope and they can void the envelope from any one of the views.