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What is Planview used for?

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Today we use Planview for many functions, including:

Repository of Resource Records

  • Name, team, manager, timesheet approver, full/part time, employee/contractor, email, bill rate, resource calendar

Time Tracking – What are your working on? How much are you working?

  • Project – Time you spend working on projects, both customer-related and internal
  • Service Ops – day-to-day maintenance tasks, and how much towards innovating our IT solutions
  • Administration – non-working hours including Holiday, Sick Leave, Personal Leave and Non-Project Administration time

Resource Allocations

  • Project Managers and Resource Managers allocate each resource to the appropriate Projects and Services Ops
  • Capacity and Demand on resources are reviewed by Resource Managers


  • Various departments are working with the IT Finance Department to chargeback customers for the resource’s project time on a monthly basis
  • Billing is based on the actual hours the resource charges to his or her timesheet for a specific project
  • If time is not submitted accurately and on time the actual hours in the system are incorrect, which means we are not charging back the correct amount of hours worked each month
  • Resource and Project bill rates are placed in Planview

Project Intake

  • All projects go through the Project Intake process in Planview
  • Intake Committee meets every Tuesday to discuss new projects and to give awareness throughout WashU IT


  • Projects are assigned to one of the following portfolios in Planview
    • Administration
    • Clinical
    • IT Operations
    • Research Services
    • Security Services
    • Teaching and Learning
  • The new IT Governance structure will coincide with the portfolios in Planview.


  • Project, Service Ops, Admin Actuals Hours
  • Project Scorecards
  • Timesheet Adoption
  • Monthly billing reports
  • Adhoc reporting for WashU IT teams

As a reminder, please submit your time in Planview by 12:00 pm CST every Monday. 

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