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Shared IT Services Aims to Innovate IT in Summer 2020

Shared IT Services (SITS) continues to innovate amid the struggles of the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 order to limit on-campus operations and embrace social distancing meant transitioning much of the WashU workforce to work from home. This change created logistical and technical challenges for the team. For migrated departments, WashU IT was able to deploy laptops quickly, users had a single point of contact for support, and university-wide software roll-outs allowed staff and faculty to continue serving customers, students, and patients during this time.

In May, the SITS team reported on continuing to bring value to WashU Campuses. During this time of alternate operations, the team continues to work in areas of Discovery, Communications, File Services migrations, and revisiting previously migrated departments to identify opportunities to transition the remaining workstations to SITS.

In our current modern technology environment, our IT tools are evolving to include virtual migrations of machines. To complete these transfers, we will work with unit Liaisons to plan and transition the remaining machines. If WashU IT is unable to identify the user of a workstation for this remote process, a network “Pop Up” will notify individuals to contact WashU IT. The technician visit which typically follows the migration will move to a virtual “Day 1” experience. This is an ongoing process that Shared IT Services aims to launch in the coming weeks.

Shared IT Services is also introducing new training options this summer for WashU users. The new video series for Windows introduces new Windows 10 users to features available on their newly migrated machines. The series covers topics ranging from the Start Menu (and how to customize it), using the VPN in Windows 10, searching for Files in Windows 10, installing programs from the Software Center, and working with network drives in Windows 10. The course is all online and each video lasts between 3-7 minutes. The Windows course will be available on June 20th, 2020. The new video series for migrated MacOS computers will cover using the Self Service App, Setting up your WUSTL key through Enterprise Connect, Using network drives in MacOS, Using VPN in MacOS, installing a printer from Self Service, and turning on encryption to protect your files. The course is all online and each video lasts between 3-7 minutes. The MacOS course will be available on July 3rd, 2020.

SITS has continued discovery efforts in the Arts and Sciences Department on the Danforth Campus. SITS will approach the migration of the Department of Arts and Sciences in 5 key areas; Administration, University College, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. Amid University closures, the discovery phase continues in 4 units; Administration, University College, Department of Humanities, and the Social Sciences.