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January 13 – ServiceNow Project Update


We have extended the go-live date of the new ServiceNow to March 9, 2020. Although we had planned to deliver the new instance in February, we are excited to have the additional time to fine tune the platform and bring users onboard. The additional time will afford us the ability to provide instructor-led training to the 700+ ITIL users and allow for groups and departments to identify and review any changes to existing business processes.


As planned per the project, ServiceNow configurations will continue after we go live. The following is what you should expect on March 9.

  • The End User Portal will be more streamlined and easier for users to search knowledge articles, request services and report issues.
  • ​We’ll have a limited Configuration Management Database (CMDB).
    • It will include all WashU IT-joined network gear, some servers, and most laptops and desktops.
    • Requestors can rely on category and subcategory for assignment of work that cannot be tied to a configuration item (CI).
    • Delivery of the CMDB will be incremental and continue beyond the duration of the project.
  • These modules will be fully operational​​​​​​:
      • Incident management
      • Change management
      • Knowledge management
  • The problem management module will not be operational; however, the process will be presented during training.
  • Historical data out of the current instance of ServiceNow will be available for a period of time after go-live. This time frame has not been determined yet. Look out for information to access this data and how long it will be available.
  • Custom dashboards and reports will not be moved to the new instance. If you use dashboards and/or reports, you will need to build these in the new instance.
    • Documentation will be provided on how to build dashboards and reports in the new instance.

Have Questions?

We have a Microsoft Teams channel where IT@WashU can ask questions and see updates.

Go to our ServiceNow Project page to see more information.