Organizational Change Management is the application of a structured process and set of tools for leading the people side of change to achieve a desired outcome.

Prosci Inc.

When the Organizational Change Management (OCM) team is engaged, we will work with you to evaluate the impacts of your initiative and provide recommendations for preparing your audience for this change. Throughout the initiative, the OCM team will engage with the project team to determine the optimal delivery method based on the content and needs of the intended audience.

Our OCM Team

Our team consists of Learning and Development Specialists, Communications Specialists, and a Communications Strategist.


Learning and Development Specialists

Learning and Development Specialists work with project teams and subject matter experts to determine training needs to produce effective, customer-approved training plans. Powered by their expertise in instructional design and adult learning methodology, these specialists will take the lead in creating and delivering training materials. They will work closely with the customer’s subject matter expert(s) to confirm the accuracy of the content and assist with training logistics.


Communications Specialists

Communications Specialists work with project teams and attend planning meetings to understand and define communication plans and timelines. Once finalized, the communication plan will identify the best approach and communication channels to be used. Solutions may include a communications toolkit, email templates, customized web content, step-by-step instructions, scheduled emails, and general communication planning materials.


The OCM team addresses the needs of the users, administrators, and support teams affected by the change or process.

If you are unsure if you need our services, view When to Engage the OCM Team (PDF).


The following provides an overview of functions that may be performed by the OCM team.

Needs Analysis

Produce training and communications plans


Communication strategies
Media layout
Scripting and storyboarding

Development and Deliverables

Audio production
Digital signage
Email campaign
Help manuals
In-Person instructor-led training
Instructor-Led virtual training (webinar)
Job aids/quick guides
Newsletter articles
Operational communication
Self-directed web-based training (eLearning)
Service Desk support documentation
Social media
Support website content
Web development


Learning Management System: course configuration
Media hosting
Training logistics administration
Training facilitation


Pre and Post survey implementation and evaluation
receipt/read rate
Training effectiveness
Website usage