Not sure which cloud computing service best suits your business needs? Reference the table below for a high-level comparison of available cloud computing services:

WashU Private CloudAzureAWSGoogle Cloud
Signed University contract
University billing
WUSTL Key SSO login to admin consoleN/A
Approved for confidential and protected workloads***
WashU IT managed workloadsServers, Databases, Web toolsServers, Databases, Web tools
DiscountsCompetitive University pricing6% across the board, Hybrid Use Benefit5% across the board25% on compute/storage, 19% on other services, Sustained use discounts
Data egress waiverNo egress data chargesNo data egress charges if < 15% of total chargesNo data egress charges if < 15% of total chargesNo data egress charges if < 15% of total charges
Ease of integration with:On-campus technology resourcesMicrosoft/Windows technology stackLinux/Unix Technology stackLinux/Unix Technology stack

* WashU’s agreements for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud include HIPAA BAA and FERPA compliance guarantees.  However, workloads (servers, databases, etc.) in these environments are not inherently compliant.  Workloads must be built and configured following appropriate guidelines. When you will be using public cloud platforms to store and transmit protected data, It is necessary to seek guidance from Information Security and WashU IT.

If you still aren’t certain which cloud offering would best suit your business needs, please contact us to discuss the options.