What happens to Planview due dates when the University is closed or on holiday?

If a timesheet due date falls on a University closure or University holiday, the due date will be shifted forward one day. For example, if July 4th falls on a Monday – the Monday submit due date will be moved to Tuesday, and the Tuesday approval due date will be moved to Wednesday. If the University is closed due to a snow event on a Tuesday, approvals will be due on the Wednesday.

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Why can’t I log in to Planview?

  1. Check the URL.
    1. Go to https://wustl.ppmpro.com. You should see the WUSTL connect page to log in. (Note: do not go to www.innotas.com to log in)…

What browser should I use for Planview?

Planview works in all major browsers, but you will have the best experience in a browser supported by Planview. You can find the latest system requirements here.

When is Planview scheduled downtime?

Planview has a scheduled maintenance window every Friday night at midnight, Central Time. During this time, users are unable to login to Planview. On the third Friday…