What file extensions are blocked in Office 365?

The following file types are blocked in Office 365, for both sending and receiving email, to protect members of the University:

.rarSelf-extracting archive file created with the WinRARarchiver
.dll32-bit Windows executable file with dynamic link library extension
.exeSelf-extracting executable program file
.jarJava archive file
exeUn-installation executable file
.exeProgram shortcut file
.objCompiled source code file or 3D object file or sequence file
.exe32-bit Windows executable file
.vxdMicrosoft Vizio XML drawing file
.os2OS/2 operating system file
.w1616-bit Windows executable file
.dosDisk-operating system file
.comEuropean Institute for Computer Antivirus Research standard anti-virus test file
.pifWindows program information file
.exeWindows executable program file
.vbsVB Script
.scrMicrosoft Silverlight Script

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