How do I change how my name is displayed in Office 365?

  • Faculty and Staff:
    • Login to Workday
    • From the Main Menu, click Personal Information
    • Click Preferred Name
    • Ensure Use Legal Name As Preferred Name is unchecked
    • Enter your new preferred First Name and Last Name
    • Click Submit
    • Wait 24 hours for the First Name change to be reflected in Office 365
    • (For Last Name changes, additional approval is required)
  • Students:
    • Login to WebSTAC
    • In the left-side menu, select User Profile
    • Enter in your new preferred first name in the Preferred First Name field and then click the small Save button next to the field
    • Wait 24 hours for the change to be reflected in Office 365
  • Alumni:
    • First, contact Alumni and Development to ask that they update your name in the Alumni database
    • Next, contact WashU IT support (314-935-8200, or and request that an Office 365 display name change be entered so that your name displays as desired in Office 365

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