Can you explain staff allocation for Service Operations Activities in Planview?

At the task level, you should assign all resources in your area to any task he or she might work on over the course of a year. However, we do not recommend assigning headcount or hours at the task level. Instead, we recommend allocating resources for Service Operations on the Project (Service Operations Activity) Staffing page.

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Why can’t I log in to Planview?

  1. Check the URL.
    1. Go to You should see the WUSTL connect page to log in. (Note: do not go to to log in)…

What browser should I use for Planview?

Planview works in all major browsers, but you will have the best experience in a browser supported by Planview. You can find the latest system requirements here.

When is Planview scheduled downtime?

Planview has a scheduled maintenance window every Friday night at midnight, Central Time. During this time, users are unable to login to Planview. On the third Friday…