Can I change my WUSTL Key username or university email address?

Yes, your WUSTL Key, used for login into applications, computers, and websites, along with your university email address, ending in, utilized for most University communications, are synchronized and thus both change when the WUSTL Key is updated.


  • If your WUSTL Key Username is JDoe1 and you request to have it changed to JDoe2 your WUSTL Key will change to JDoe2 and your email address will change to

When can I change my WUSTL Key username and university email address?

  • A WUSTL Key username can only be changed in conjunction with a preferred or legal name change or if the existing WUSTL Key username compromises your identity, safety, or experience in any way.

How do I initiate the change?

  1. Verify and/or update your preferred name in WebSTAC or request a legal name change by contacting the Office of the University Registrar at either (314) 935-5908 or (314) 935-9818.
    1. Want more information about student name changes?
      Click here for information about preferred name change or
      Click here for information regarding legal name changes.
  2. Once you have verified your name has been changed please contact Student Technology Services/TechDen at (314) 935-7100

Faculty and Staff
  1. Using Workday, verify and/or update your preferred name or your legal name
    1. Please Note: Legal name changes require one to upload supporting documentation to Workday in the form of a legal certificate (Marriage, Divorce, etc.) and your new Social Security Card reflecting the new name.
  2. Once you have verified your name has been changed please contact the WashU IT Service Desk at (314) 933-3333

Additional Information

  • After your WUSTL Key username and university email address change you may need to log into Office365 again using your new credentials (username and password).
  • All email sent to your old university email address will automatically be delivered to your new university email address.

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