The Domain Committees are responsible for developing domain strategies, including service portfolios and project prioritizations, that align with the overall university strategy and priorities established by the IT Executive Committee.

A domain is defined as a specific scope of organizations, functions, policies, processes, data and services. Domains are further organized into business-aligned and foundational service categories. The business-aligned domains focus on the core mission of the university while the foundational domains represent those technologies, services, and support required for all business-aligned domains.

Domain Committees Responsibilities

The Domain Committees are charged with the following:

  • Developing, documenting, and aligning the domain strategy with the university strategy and priorities in collaboration with IT Executive Leadership (CIO, Deputy CIOs, CTO, CISO and Chief of Staff)
  • Identifying and reviewing proposals for IT services needed to support the university strategy
  • Making sure IT infrastructure supports critical university needs
  • Identifying and prioritizing projects and programs to develop, enhance or retire services
  • Developing and presenting strategic domain project proposals to IT Executive Committee
  • Establishing and utilizing advisory groups, sub-committees, and other stakeholders to gather feedback to make service feature, enhancement, and/or infrastructure improvement prioritization decisions
  • Nominating services to move between core and differentiated funding sources and provide supporting information to justify the change

Domain Sub-committees and Working Groups may be charged with one or more of the following: 

  • Focusing on a specific subset of domain related services (e.g. HR systems as a subset of the Administrative Domain) 
  • Leveraging Service Advisory Group, Working Group and sub-committee feedback to identify and prioritize projects to develop, enhance or retire services 
  • Presenting Sub-committee and Working Group findings to the Domain Committee 
  • Researching alternative solutions for business needs identified by the Domain Committee or a Service Advisory Group 

Please note: Once we have any finalized governance processes, procedures, and templates, we will add links to those resources.

Domain Committees and Subcommittees

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