IT Staff News

Password Reset Self-Service Campaign

On Wednesday, April 28th, mass communications were sent to over 1,300 WashU IT customers to provide instruction on using self-service options for WUSTL key password resets. This target group had called in to the Service Desk since January 2021 for a password reset. Since January, the Service Desk has received between 500-800 calls each month for password resets. While it is our pleasure to serve customers’ IT requests, we also want to provide guidance on how to use self-service options and establish your security questions if not already in place. Using self-service allows our support staff additional time for IT requests that do not currently have self-service options and reduces the cost of operating our call center.

As we prepare for the MyDay cutover on July 1st, 2021, we are making all efforts to reduce call volume where possible and allow the hyper care phase of cutover to run smoothly. Reducing unnecessary calls to the service desk for password resets will also reduce operating costs and allow staff more available to service requests that don’t have self-service options. We will provide updates over the coming months on the success of this campaign.