Faces of STS – Julia Dai

Submitted by Oana Jackson

Name: Julia Dai
Grade: Junior Class of 2022
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Position: Level II Tech (2020-2021) – Student Manager (2021-2022)

How long have you been with STS?
I started working at STS spring semester freshman year! I started as the STC for HIG (the Hitzeman, Hurd and Myers Residential College on the South 40) and now I’m a Level II  

What made you want to work here?
I had some friends that worked at STS and they all really enjoyed being there. I think we were probably the reason Peeti / Puneet had to keep reminding employees not to socialize at the service desk…

Favorite thing to eat on campus?
Egg sandwich!!! or the matcha lattes from Whispers

Who’s your favorite coworker and why?
Oh darn this is hard, I like everyone at STS. I do miss both Jon’s though, they always made me laugh on shift! Also Jon Azziz had the cutest dog.

What advice would you give to someone starting out at STS?
Don’t be afraid to ask your coworkers or Peeti questions! I still bother Peeti all the time. It’s better to learn something new rather than pretend you know something.

What are your favorite activities outside of STS?
Currently, I’m enjoying biking and cooking! And the occasional round of golf.

What is a fact that isn’t commonly known about you?
Hmmm… I used to do marching band in high school so now I really like watching football (but only the Seahawks!!!!)