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DocuSign PowerForms

Submitted by Brian Lawton

DocuSign PowerForms eliminates the need for downloading forms, empowering customers to submit them online.

On November 20th the WashU IT DocuSign team rolled out the self-service PowerForms component of DocuSign. The PowerForms component was a planned addition as part of the DocuSign go live that happened in June.  PowerForms can be utilized by any area of the university that needs forms submitted for signature and/or workflow. Form administrators can provide links to these forms or embed them in their websites. By embedding PowerForms into a website customers are empowered to fill out needed forms to begin an approval, or signature process that in standard DocuSign would require a DocuSign administrator, or sender to initiate.

This self-service tool was initially rolled out with WashU IT Systems and Procedures and has allowed them to transition forms from being emailed or downloaded to being submitted online.

System access request forms that have been converted to online submittal are:

  • Archibus
  • ePARS
  • FIS
  • HRMS & TAM
  • Learn@Work
  • RAS Compliance
  • RMS
  • WebFocus

These forms and more information can be found on the Access Forms website.