June 19: ServiceNow Request Approvals

There are concerns with the request approval process in the ServiceNow for IT services and support ( We have devised a plan to address this, which includes identifying the desired approvers for departments and cost centers, then updating these in ServiceNow. A survey will soon be delivered to identify department approval preferences.

The process for request approvals in ServiceNow is as follows:

  1. User submits a request
  2. Operational approval – required for all IT service and equipment requests
    1. If operational approvers* are listed in the system for the requester’s department, the approval request goes to those that are listed.
    2. If no operational approvers are listed, the approval request goes to the requester’s direct supervisor.
  3. Budgetary approval
    1. If a cost is associated with the request, the approval request is sent to the budgetary approver for the cost center selected by the requester.
    2. If no cost is associated with the request, budgetary approval is not required.

*Operational approvers are individuals identified by departments to perform non-budgetary approvals in place of direct supervisors.

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