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WUSTL Key Log-In Page Gets a Makeover

WUSTL Key Login Example

In mid-January 2020, the new WUSTL Key log-in page made its debut. This change enhanced visuals and streamlined online interfaces as part of modernizing the University log-in experience. Due to the outdated nature of the current log-in page and its cumbersome use on mobile devices, WashU IT’s Shared Infrastructure team set out to create a new page in cooperation with Public Affairs that reflected WashU’s vision of modernization and accessibility.

The first mission for revamping the WUSTL Key log-in was to polish it visually. Beyond a dated appearance, the current WUSTL Key log-in page was also graphically inconsistent with other WashU visual branding and colors. A sleek, modern look quickly became the overall vision for the new page.

Visuals were not of sole importance to the Shared Infrastructure and Public Affairs teams. Just as vital to the change was ensuring that the new log-in page was user-friendly. In the past, it had been pointed out that the previous layout of WUSTL Key log-in was impractical and somewhat awkward, particularly when used on mobile devices. Taking this into account, the teams set out and developed a page that is not only functional on mobile devices, but is also more suited to web accessibility overall. Users are now able to enjoy a practical, straightforward WUSTL Key page that eliminates past frustrations and roadblocks in the log-in process.

Shared Infrastructure, and the rest of the WashU IT staff, view the WUSTL Key redesign as a beginning to something more rather than a simple project. The desire to innovate and grow remains a strong objective of WashU IT. WashU IT’s staff continues to look for new opportunities to improve the user experience and make WashU better in ways big and small.