Vended Application Management (VAM) Service provides operational support for vendor purchased applications and collaboration between our customers, application vendors, partner IT organizations, and other WashU IT groups.

This includes BJC Information Technology, Enterprise Client Virtualization/HIP, Enterprise Applications (EA), End-User Services, InfoSec, and Shared Infrastructure.


VAM offers a tiered toll service to any WU department that wants WashU IT to provide support for their vendor purchased application (On-Premise or SaaS) that meet the requirements below.

Requirements & Considerations

  • The applications supported are purchased from a vendor.
  • The application version is still supported by the vendor and compatible with technology platforms that are within their supported lifecycle.
  • The backend of the application, or some component of it (ie database, website, etc.), must be installed on and run from a server, either On-Premise or Cloud/SaaS.
  • The database type must be enterprise class (no Microsoft Access).
  • The application is utilized by a small subset of departments, usually one or two.  Applications that are used by three or more departments are typically considered common good and are supported by other means.
  • Physical endpoint hardware located on Danforth or Med School Campuses.

Features & Options

EA Vended Application Management (VAM) provides a service that bridges the gap between vendor support and on-premise needs and includes:

  • On-Demand 24/7 technical support based on the support tier
  • Holistic application monitoring and first response
  • Support for one production and one test environment for upgrades, patches, and migrations 
    • Additional environments (i.e. secondary test, stage or development) can be accommodated at an additional charge at the standard tiered rates
  • One application upgrade/update per year
    • Additional upgrades per year can be accommodated at an hourly billable rate
  • Proactive lifecycle management of applications and platforms
  • Endpoint Support for VAM supported application related hardware at a per device charge
    • Endpoint support is available for non-critical** hardware
  • Coordination of vendor led user training as needed
  • Vendor interaction and accountability
  • Coordination with all WashU IT and vendor resources to deploy and configure application, client workstations, authentication, and integrations

VAM Support Service Offerings

(Broken Functionality)
General CollaborationRequests
(Enhancement Work)
Critical or High Priority:
• Call End User Services:
• Tell Technician to route to Vended Application Management
• SLA applies

Medium Priority (by default):
Choose one of the following options:
• Call End User Services:
• Email to have a ticket or requsest created in ServiceNow:
• SLA applies
• Email WashU IT EA VAM:
• All team members included in DL
• No SLA
• Submit a ServiceNow Request
• Auto generates ticket in Service Now routed to VAM
• No SLA
• Fulfillment target date negotiated

*VAM services are subject to WashU IT Support model and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

**Criticality is determined by the IT Service Model (ITSM) as defined in the Impact, Urgency, and Priority standard.